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Carnaby International has just announced it will release a new game called Rise of the Footsoldier: The Mobile Game, which has been inspired by the classic British indie movie of the same name. It is slated for a launch early next year and is being developed not just by one studio, but as a partnership between Soho Game Development, Platinum Pictures, Akupara Games, and Flowstate XR.
In the Rise of the Footsoldier game, players will see many popular faces from the franchise show up in this old-school beat ‘em up style action that can be built with 3D graphics and the latest gameplay mechanics. Throughout the game, players will be seen assuming roles of the leads from the 2007 British gangster as they fight football hooligans, crooked cops, and Yatch-owning psychopaths.
The game is set between Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins and ROTF: Marbella and will have its own unique story that will be narrated by Billy Murray through cutscenes. Players have the option of choosing between one of three main anti-heroes – Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe. Expect to find a lot of different enemies as you progress, with the overarching foes being Fisher and Greener.
The story has been divided into levels where players can choose from multiple different weapons to obliterate enemies with. But it’s not always about bashing through the villains as some instances also require using speed to avoid foes. There will be umpteen opportunities to gun down and throw punches in open combat scenarios.
Rise of the Footsoldier: The Mobile Game will launch on all mobile devices on January 31st, 2023. Alongside this, the film’s Extreme Edition will also be finding its way to cinemas near you. For the first time, fans will be able to enjoy this extended version of the 2007 film with added footage and extra effects.


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