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A potential leak gives Hideo Kojima fans a much better idea of when they might get to play the upcoming Death Stranding 2 game.
According to a recent leak, Kojima Productions' Death Stranding 2 is going to release at some point in 2024. The original Death Stranding proved to be a divisive game, with some praising it as one of Kojima's best games to date, and others criticizing its gameplay and pacing. Considering the reception to the original Death Stranding, it will definitely be interesting to see how people react to Death Stranding 2 when it comes out.
At the time of this writing, little is known about what Death Stranding 2 will bring to the table. The Death Stranding 2 announcement trailer that was shown at The Game Awards confirmed some members of the cast and hinted at potential story developments, but much of the game remains shrouded in mystery. If the original game is any indication, it's likely that Death Stranding 2 will keep most of its secrets under wraps until gamers are able to play it for themselves.
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Unfortunately for anyone who had hope they would get to play the game this coming year, it seems that Death Stranding 2 won't be out until 2024. As revealed by the ArtStation profile of character artist Frank Aliberti (which has since been updated), Death Stranding 2 is planning on a 2024 release window. This is not set in stone, of course, but it could be a good idea of when Kojima Productions expects it will finish development on the game.
If Death Stranding 2 is out in 2024 as rumored, that would make it five years removed from when the original Death Stranding launched in 2019. Five years is quite a long time between games, but Kojima Productions has helped fill that gap with Death Stranding re-releases. First this included a Death Stranding PC port in 2020, and then Death Stranding: Director's Cut for PC and PS5 that added substantial new content for fans of the game to check out.
It's quite likely that Death Stranding 2 will eventually make its way to PC as well, but at launch, it's expected to be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive game. Microsoft has suggested that Death Stranding can't come to Xbox at all due to a deal between Kojima Productions and PlayStation, so anyone interested will need to have a PC that can run it or will want to invest in a PS5 console.
With the first Death Stranding 2 trailer out, hopefully more will come in the new year, and perhaps one of those trailers will give fans a more specific release date for the game.
Death Stranding 2 is in development for PS5.
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Source: ArtStation (via Twisted Voxel)
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