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Evidence appears online that potentially leaks a new game supposedly making its way to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.
Evidence appears online that suggests first-person shooter game Shadow Warrior 3 is going to be added to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service at some point in the near future. Microsoft usually kicks off each month by announcing the next batch of Xbox Game Pass games, but it hasn't done so for January 2023 just yet. But while an official announcement revealing new Xbox Game Pass games has yet to be made, some have may be been revealed prematurely.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been getting notifications and seeing discounts for games that are not yet available through the service, strongly suggesting that they will be added in the very near future. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and The DioField Chronicle have leaked for Xbox Game Pass in this way, though there's still no official announcement that either one of those games will be coming.
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Now first-person shooter game Shadow Warrior 3 has leaked in a similar fashion. As spotted by True Achievements, various Xbox Game Pass subscribers have gotten push notifications that Shadow Warrior 3 is available to play now despite the fact that the game is not actually part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup. More likely than not, this push notification was sent out prematurely and fans can count on Shadow Warrior 3 joining Xbox Game Pass in the near future. Of course, it's possible that this push notification is a complete error, so fans should keep that in mind before getting too excited at the prospect of playing Shadow Warrior 3 through Game Pass.
If Shadow Warrior 3 does come to Xbox Game Pass, it will make a rather interesting addition to the lineup. Shadow Warrior 3 was a rare day one PlayStation Now game when it first launched in March 2022. When PlayStation Now was folded into PS Plus and became PS Plus Extra/PS Plus Premium, Shadow Warrior 3 remained available for a short time, but was ultimately pulled from the lineup in July 2022. While there have been some exceptions, Xbox Game Pass games tend to stay on the service for at least one year, meaning day one PlayStation Now game Shadow Warrior 3 may be joining and staying on the competing service for a much longer period of time.
Hopefully Microsoft provides some clarity when it comes to the new Xbox Game Pass games for January 2023 sooner rather than later. So far, Stranded Deep and Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition have been added to the service with no prior announcement, and fans have no clue what to expect from Game Pass between now and January 19. An announcement could get Xbox Game Pass subscribers hyped, as well as help them prioritize their gaming time this month.
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Source: True Achievements
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