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Side-scrolling action game Glimmer in Mirror will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam on January 10, 2023 for $16.99, publishers CubeGame and Pleasant Rain Ltd, and developer MapleDorm Games announced.
The game will remain in Early Access for “around one year,” during which the developer will “keep fune-tuning the game experience and polishing the game according to valuable feedback.” Compared to the Early Access version, which includes “four major themed scenes for adventure,” the full version will include more chapters, a larger world map, the full main story, and more.
Here is an overview of the game, via CubeGame and Pleasant Joy:
In this game, you will play as Shiro and restore a destroyed world. Embark on an immersive adventure in the mirror world, meet unique NPCs and distinctive monsters, and gradually uncover the truth through continuous exploration.
The Destroyed Mirror World, The Hidden Truth
The girl woke up in an empty world, and a gigantic mirror appeared in front of her. Attracted by the beautiful world in the mirror, the girl’s hand reached for the mirror. Suddenly, the mirror shattered, along with the world within. When she woke again, she’s already inside the destroyed mirror world. And the secret of this world will also be revealed during her travels.
Hand-Drawn Art Style, Immersive Sound Effects
Tranquil forest, eerie clock tower, ancient castle ruins… each will provide a unique sensory experience.
Immersive music made by Ascentone will also improve gaming experience.
Classic Side-Scrolling, New Combat Experience
Glimmer in Mirror features classic side-scrolling levels. You can create shock waves with Glimmer Power and defeat various types of enemies. Acquire new skills during your adventure, and explore previously inaccessible areas.
You can also collect Spirit fragments to summon random Spirits. They will bring new combat experience, and the experience will be different and unique for each player as the Spirits they acquire differ.
Rich Story, Interesting Encounters
Shiro will have many interesting encounters during her adventure. You will meet characters with varying personalities and from different species, experiencing their stories will also flesh out Shiro’s mind.
Watch a new trailer below.
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