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Zillow Lays Off 300 Employees as US Housing Market Slows Further
Inflation-Hit Metals Producers Are Seeing Early Signs of Cost Relief
Bank of Canada Dials Back Pace of Hikes Amid Recession Fears
Italy’s Meloni Mulls New Aid Package Worth Up to €10 Billion
UK Real Wages Fell at Sharpest Pace Since 2010 Financial Crisis
UK Court Restarts Yukos Award Suit Against Russia
ESPN Sells Majority Stake in X Games to Investor Group That Includes Tony Hawk
‘Chief Twit’: Musk Updates His Twitter Bio as Deal Nears Close
Spotify Has Biggest Slump Since May on Profitability Concerns
TikTok Plans To Expand London Footprint With New Office
South Africa Seeks Independent Advice on Eskom Debt Relief
Uganda to Start Ebola Vaccine Trials in Two Weeks as Cases Rise
Americans Eye European Colleges to Save Money on Tuition
What Is Happening to Triple Lock on State Pensions and How Much Would It Cost UK?
Moroccan Rapper Accused of Praising Hashish Released on Bail
No Black Players Expected in World Series, a 1st Since 1950
Musk Will Buy Twitter at the Last Minute
European Banks Are Turning Back the US Tide
What Parents Can Do as RSV Spikes Among Children
What Wharton’s Majority Female MBA Program Means for Other Top-Tier B-Schools
California’s Tech Millionaires Can’t Agree About Tax to Fund EVs
From Bedrooms to Kitchens, Europe Ponders How Cold Is Too Cold
Ye’s Lawyers on Gap Contract Drop the Rapper After Antisemitic Remarks
NYC to Cut Number of Middle Schools Using Admissions Screening by 70%
UK Wind Power Hits a Record, Easing Reliance on Expensive Gas
London to Top Up Electric Bus Fleet With Overhead Chargers
Robert Moses Returns to New York City, in Theatrical Form
Libraries Can Unite a Lonely, Divided Nation
Denver Supportive Housing Experiment Breaks Street-to-Jail Cycle
Crypto’s New Class of Kingpins Emerge After The Merge
Fed’s Waller ‘Not a Big Fan’ of Central Bank Digital Currencies
What is Crypto For? Matt Levine Wants To Know


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