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Sonic Speed Simulator, developed by Gamefam Studios and licensed by Sega, sees Sonic and his friends racing on multiple tracks across various worlds. The game required you to collect Chao if you want to upgrade your character and unlock cool character skins for Sonic. However, sometimes the grind for Chao can get too overwhelming, and you won’t mind the game throwing a couple of freebies at you. 
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Fortunately, the devs at Sonic Speed Simulator have heard our pleas and have released redeemable codes as a way for their players to earn exciting prizes completely free!  
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The redeemable codes in Sonic Speed Simulator can give you multiple rewards, including Chao, Speed boosts, Bloxian Chao, and free rewards in the game. These rewards significantly help in upgrading your character’s stats and getting an edge in the game over your opponents. Furthermore, many redeemable codes also give you the opportunity to unlock chic character skins using the free Chao you receive from these redeemable codes. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-01-19 
Here is a list of all the currently active redeemable codes in Sonic Speed Simulator and their respective rewards you can claim today. These active codes eventually expire, so be sure to use them before the time runs out:
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With the developers of the game rolling out redeemable codes for the players on regular, older codes are bound to expire. So, if you aren’t able to redeem a code, make sure it isn’t already moved to the expired shelf. Here are all the currently expired codes in Sonic Speed Simulator: 
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If this is your first time redeeming codes in Sonic Speed Simulator, just follow the steps mentioned below to claim your freebies:
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Sonic Speed Simulator becomes increasingly more fun when you have your favorite character’s skin equipped while cruising through different worlds. And that’s where redeemable codes come into play; hosting a variety of prizes, including free Chao, for you to use in the game. That said, be sure to revisit our page every once in a while since we’ll be the first to update in case of any new addition to the active codes list of the game. 
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