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Springfield leaders are planning a major technology upgrade that includes replacing some city software in use since 1995.
The project could cost $5.7 million and be completed over the next two years.
Assistant Finance Director Katie Eviston offered a presentation to Springfield commissioners detailing the proposed technology update. To highlight the need, she posted an image screen of software the city has been using since 1995, eliciting chuckles from the commissioners and the Springfield City Commission audience at the antiquated dot-matrix view the finance office continues to rely upon for daily operations.
A project team of employees representing various departments participated in the research and determination of the city’s needs leading up to the recommendation of vendors who could deliver appropriate expertise and support to transition the city’s processes.
The proposed new system they recommended will be cloud based, enabling the city to leverage technology and enhance collaboration efforts across the organization.

The new system will be implemented over 2023-2024 with an intended outcome of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations. Officials look forward to have more data upon which to base decisions and for future planning. It also would give citizens more options for interacting online to access city services and support.
The system’s $5.7 million price tag involves multiple vendors, but City Commissioner Kevin O’Neill noted that the major expenditure had been in the planning stage for some time.
“This would not be possible without the foresight and frugality of the City Finance Director Mark Beckdahl over the past five years in setting aside funds for this purpose,” said O’Neill.
He also thanked the residents of Springfield for approving the income tax levy that will also help “to bring the city into the current century” in terms of technology.
Formal action to approve expenditures and embark on the transition is expected at the next commission meeting.

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