Stadia shutdown forces Q-Games to again try to rescue a game – Axios

PixelJunk Raiders. Screenshot: Q-Games
Developer Dylan Cuthbert has rescued one of his team’s video games from an online death before. And he’s about to have to do it again, thanks to the pending January 2023 closure of Google Stadia.
Why it matters: Online-connected games face extinction regularly now.
Details: Cuthbert, who runs Kyoto, Japan-based Q-Games, is hoping to salvage PixelJunk Raiders, a March 2021 exclusive for the Stadia service, and is actively seeking a publisher to bring it to other platforms.
What they’re saying: “History is littered with online games you can no longer play, and it is a shame,” Cuthbert tells Axios over email.
What’s next: Even if Raiders is rescued, there are a handful of other Stadia-only titles at risk of disappearing.
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