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Steam users can get a newly released game for free and keep it forever, but players need to be fast as the offer expires soon.
A new game on Steam is available for free to all users, but gamers need to be fast as this offer expires soon. Steam is one of the most popular gaming storefronts in the world, and the number of players using it seems to increase every year.
Steam often breaks its own record for the highest number of concurrent players online at any given moment. Just recently, Steam had an impressive 31,906,400 simultaneous users on November 27, beating the previous record of 30,049,264 from earlier in October 2022. Now, a newly released game is available for free to all the millions of fans that use Steam.
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Divine Knockout is free to keep on Steam until December 14 at 9 AM PT. This means that Steam users who add the game to their accounts can keep it forever, but they only have around 5 days to do so. It should be noted that this offer is for the base edition of Divine Knockout which comes with all available maps and modes, along with four gods: Amaterasu, Sol, Hercules, and King Arthur.
Published by Hi-Rez Studios, Divine Knockout otherwise sells for $24.99, but users can also choose to purchase standard and ultimate versions that come with extra in-game goodies. They both contain eight gods and the Epic Biohazard Sol skin, but Divine Knockout Ultimate Founders Pack also includes 4 God Tokens that can be used to unlock any god in the game. Furthermore, it comes with 1,000 Runes and the Epic Darkheart Athena Skin in addition to other cosmetic items.
For those unfamiliar with the game, Divine Knockout, also known as DKO, is a third-person platform fighter in which players are tasked with knocking their opponents out of an arena. Each arena features a new mechanic as users get to wield their favorite god's unique weapon. Divine Knockout also comes with support for cross-play and cross-progression, allowing users to play with their friends on different platforms.
Fans should note that Divine Knockout is one of the PS Plus free monthly games for December 2022 along with Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Biomutant. PS Plus members who add these titles to their accounts get to keep them for as long as they are subscribed. Given that Divine Knockout is available for free on Steam and via PS Plus, users probably won’t face any issues in finding matches in the first few weeks of its launch.
Divine Knockout is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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