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Tech news you may have missed: Oct 13 – 20
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Lenovo’s innovation in the metaverse, a study of how hybrid work affects women and tips for migrating to a new iPhone lead TechRepublic’s news this last week.
Too busy to catch up on this week’s news? Here’s the TL;DR on TechRepublic’s top stories for October 13 – 20.
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Lenovo’s tech conference held on October 18, 2022 featured innovations in metaverse, AR and VR solutions and edge technologies that it says will drive digital transformation for individuals and industry organizations. Ray Fernandez covers the tech company’s investments in the metaverse, and in particular how digital twins and edge hardware including robots, mobile phones and AR glasses will build a metaverse where industries can interact with the physical world.
TL;DR: Unlike some of its competitors in the metaverse, Lenovo has built a culture of cooperation with other tech companies like Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA to increase the speed of innovation of its products.
SEE: Metaverse cheat sheet: Everything you need to know (free PDF) (TechRepublic)
Read the full conference coverage here.
Only ⅓ of women in tech, media and telecom industries with hybrid work schedules report satisfaction with their work-life balance, says a new Deloitte report. Unsurprisingly, 86% of the women with children report that they bear the majority of the child care responsibilities, which can be complicated by varied work schedules that require similarly changing child care needs.
TL;DR: Esther Shein reports that remote, hybrid and in-office working plans must consider the diversity of home life needs and build in flexibility to work hours and locations if they want to attract and retain top talent who also happen to have children.
Read the analysis here.
Data quality software is a key tool in building and maintaining the data stores that keep businesses running and drive innovation in an organization. The right data quality tool will help you monitor and improve the quality of data that exists and improve the quality of data you collect.
TL;DR: Ali Azhar lists the best data quality tools on the market for 2022, and provides context into the products’ major features and effectiveness.
Read the full list here.
Jack Wallen upgraded from the Pixel 6 Pro to the Pixel 7 Pro, and is impressed with the improvements of daily use features. He reviews the fingerprint scanner, camera and other upgrades Google made to its Pro smartphone.
TL;DR: Jack Wallen thinks this is the best version of the Pixel yet because Google has fixed some clunky features and improved the user experience of the Android 13 OS.
Read the full review here.
You’ve saved your pennies, mined the couch cushions and rented out the guest room on Airbnb, and you’re finally ready to purchase the iPhone 14. Let Erik Eckel help you do a little housecleaning of your apps and data before you head to the store to upgrade to your new phone.
TL;DR: From deleting old apps to managing location services, these tips will make the switch to a new iPhone quicker at the store, and they also contain lots of good ways to make your current phone more secure.
Read the full tutorial here.
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Tech news you may have missed: Oct 13 – 20
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