Tesla Finally Launches Steam Video-Game Platform with New Update – Car and Driver

Available on newer versions of the Model S and Model X, the update also introduces Apple Music and a new in-cabin camera view.
It’s been a long time coming, but Tesla has finally made good on its promise to make Steam video games playable on some of its vehicles. The addition of Steam, which is an online store and library consisting of thousands of games, is part of Tesla’s "Holiday Update." It also includes Apple Music, a new in-cabin camera view, updated light-show features, and more.
Tesla recently announced on Twitter details of the update, specifying that owners of "new" Model S and Model X vehicles will now be able to play thousands of games through Steam. The company wasn’t exactly clear on what "new" means, but it likely refers to Plaid models released last year, which utilize AMD RDNA 2 GPUs in their infotainment systems. The hardware is powerful enough to run taxing games like The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, two games the company has mentioned in the past.
Steam is here—bringing thousands of games to new Model S & X vehicles 🎮 pic.twitter.com/PDzjtefv7A
Tesla’s system is also compatible with wireless controllers, allowing owners to use the Bluetooth controllers from their home systems in their vehicles. Having the ability to boot up your favorite PC games in your Tesla will likely help negate some possible boredom during longer charging stints at public chargers. Certainly loading up Forza Motorsport is more fun than people watching in the grocery store parking lot.
Tesla wasn’t entirely clear in its Twitter thread about the boundaries surrounding when owners can actually play video games in their vehicles, but we expect they’ll only be operable while the vehicle is parked.
Still, the company came under fire last year for allowing games to be played in moving vehicles. Eventually, Tesla issued an over-the-air update to lock the function. Presumably, that lockout remains in place, keeping drivers and passengers alike from engaging in distracted driving habits while their vehicle is moving.

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