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Bored of sedate puzzlers and idle games that you can fall asleep to? You’re probably looking for a list of the best Android action games then. If so, you’re very much in the right place here. We’ve scoured Google Play to bring you this top list of the best games that will get your heart racing in 2023.
Given the relative vagueness of the term ‘action’, we’ve included games from a range of different genres. That way, you’ll definitely find something that you’ll enjoy on this list. From shooters, to racers, to hack-and-slashers, there’s bound to be something here to keep you busy.
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We’ll now add a bunch of games that we consider to be the best Android action games. These will span many genres to help you find something fun to play, and we’ll keep it updated as the year progresses so you’ve always got something new to play.
Genshin Impact has quite a reputation for its massive open world, enormous collection of characters to collect, and regular-as-clockwork new content releases. However, it also has a very action-packed combat system that’s reminiscent of the Tales of JRPG series.
You’ll hack and slash at enemies, pulling off skills, and swapping between your characters with wild abandon. If you like the joys of melee combat, or pulling off a headshot with a bow and arrow, there’s plenty to love here.
If you love battle royale shooters, you should definitely check out Apex Legends Mobile. It’s a near-perfect representation of the shooter for touch, with your favourite characters, weapons, and environments returning for more.
Soulsborne fan? Pascal’s Wager is the game for you. This action-packed adventure brings the skill-based combat of Souls into a dark, almost Lovecraftian fantasy environment. There’s more of a straightforward story in this one though, for those that enjoy that sort of thing, as well as a cast of characters that each feature a different play style.
Call of Duty Mobile does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a portable version of the series that works beautifully on touch. It brings together characters, maps, and weapons from throughout the series too, so is almost a love letter to all things COD as a result.
Roguelike fans are well-sated when it comes to Dead Cells. This Android port of the classic 2D slasher is the same game you know and love, just with touch controls. It even features all of the content from the console and PC versions, including all DLC.
Racing fans should definitely check out Mario Kart Tour. This mobile version of the world’s biggest kart racer might not quite hit the highs of Mario Kart 8, but it comes darn close. Featuring an enormous cast of characters, an ever-growing list of tracks based on previous entries in the series, and a simple, one-handed touch control scheme, it’s a bonafide hit for mobile racing fans.
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