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Try finding a Switch game with more realistic graphics than these.
One of the Nintendo Switch's best features is its diverse library of games that features thousands of titles from nearly every genre. From platformers to farming simulators, the console is loaded with a plethora of amazing experiences that you can play either on the TV or in handheld mode.
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FMV (Full Motion Video) games feature real people and locations and usually require you to make important decisions that help shape the story. The genre was introduced in the 80s, and while it's never become as popular as brawlers or puzzle games, it's still a fascinating and often silly way to enjoy the medium. Most FMV games can be pretty ridiculous, but some may surprise you with their compelling stories and characters.
The battle royale genre took over the industry shortly after the release of PUBG in 2017 and continues to inspire countless games, including Bloodshore. Like the hit 2007 movie The Condemned, Bloodshore follows a group of contestants who fight for their lives and brutally murder each other as the public watches and places bets on a live stream.
You play a washed-up actor named Nick and must decide who to trust as you unravel the dark secrets behind the show. There are over eight hours of FMV footage in the game, and each decision you make will take you down a slightly different path, usually with bloody results. Bloodshore can be extremely campy at times, but it remains entertaining despite whichever ending you get.
Originally released in 1992, Night Trap is not a particularly great game. It is an important piece of video game history, however. The content within Night Trap was considered too violent at the time, and it – alongside Mortal Kombat – was examined in a senate hearing in 1993 that eventually led to the creation of the ESRB.
Looking back now, it's hard to see how Night Trap's mostly off-screen violence caused such a stir. Most of the game is presented like a lost 80s horror movie that's more funny than it ever is scary. Night Trap has become a cult-classic over time, and the 25th Anniversary is the best way to experience the controversial FMV pioneer.
The FMV genre peaked during the late 80s but quickly dissipated after failing to find commercial success in the market. Many games were either never finished or never released after the lack of interest from the public, and American Hero was one of them.
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Originally intended to be released as both a feature film and interactive movie, American Hero starred Timothy Bottoms as an agent tasked with stopping a terrorist from spreading a deadly virus. Neither project was finished, but the game was finally released in 2021 using restored footage and new dialogue from the main character. It's easy to tell that some scenes are missing, but American Hero is still a blast to play and is perfect for anyone who loves cheesy action flicks.
Very few modern FMV games can stand up against AAA titles in terms of story, characters, and mystery. Sam Barlow, who also created Her Story and Immortality, is one of the few developers currently innovating the FMV genre with compelling games like Telling Lies that offer genuinely engaging narratives that are hard to put down.
Like Barlow's other games, you will need to shift through an assortment of video clips to piece together what exactly is happening. The performances from the four main actors are some of the best you'll see in any FMV game, and discovering the truth at the heart of it all is unlike anything else available on the Switch.
If you're not a fan of action or suspenseful mysteries, plenty of FMV games feature lighthearted stories and gameplay. Five Dates was developed by the same studio that created Bloodshore, but instead of surviving a battle royale, you must survive the dangerous world of online dating.
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Created during the height of the pandemic when most people interacted online, Five Dates follows a man as he joins a dating app and finds five potential matches. It often feels like an interactive romantic comedy as you hop between dates and deal with the hardships of not being in the same room as someone else. It's entertaining, full of surprises, and can be played over and over again to see different scenarios and endings.
The best FMV game blends the beauty of film with engaging gameplay, and few games on the Nintendo Switch meet these criteria as effectively as The Centennial Case. Not only does it contain stunning cinematography and performances, but it also weaves elements from Ace Attorney and AI: The Somnium Files to create a gripping mystery from beginning to end.
The Centennial Case follows a series of murders that take place over the course of 100 years. They are all connected somehow, and you will hop between 1922 and 2022 to solve each. Every set piece is wonderfully designed, and the use of full motion video makes every moment feel incredibly immersive. It's another excellent example of how to use FMV effectively and proves that the genre may be on the rise once again.
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