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Not everyone wants to fire off guns when playing games, so these titles should be right up your street.
Whether you're into fantasy or horror, action games have one thing in common: grueling combat sequences. FPS games rely heavily on skilled marksmen to land each bullet, whilst other games have been known to get a little more creative when it comes to weapons of choice.
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Some games, however, completely do away with firearms altogether. Bullets are a scarce commodity during a zombie apocalypse, and they won't exist at all if you're playing a swashbuckling medieval title. Whether you opt for stealth or melee, here are some of the best trigger-free action games.
If Legolas was always your favourite character in Lord Of The Rings, chances are you're a big fan of Horizon Forbidden West. This game is a deft fusion of historical fantasy and sci-fi, relying on your handiness with a bow and arrow, spears, tripwires, and powerful Valour Surges to down enemies instead of using gunpowder.
Sure, this one still involves shooter mechanics, but there is something deeply satisfying and tactile about sinking that final arrow into a particularly sturdy foe.
The third-person view means that aiming down your sights doesn't hinder your field of view, so you can take in every detail of the breathtaking landscape to boot.
The White Wolf has long dominated the upper echelons of the world's most beloved video games, and for good reason. The Witcher 3 has earned this spot not only for its story-rich world, but for its dynamic gameplay. Combat as Geralt involves using a myriad of swords which can be collected or crafted, as well as using potions, oils, and bombs to bring even the toughest monsters to their knees.
With such a vast arsenal at your fingertips, this is one game where you will never find yourself wishing you had a shotgun at your side. Although, Geralt would look good with a holster. Just saying.
Equal parts touching, terrifying, and exhilarating, Amicia and her brother Hugo's journey in A Plague Tale: Innocence will have your heart in your throat throughout as you worry about your young protagonists' safety. In the rat-infested wastelands of 1300s France, you're left with little to defend yourself against the gnashing jaws of the sentient blanket that follows you wherever you turn.
Amicia uses arcane bombs she can craft using found items, whilst poor Hugo harnesses a strange ability that has made him the Emperor's number one target. If stealth and survival games are your cup of tea, you're gonna need a bigger mug.
An interactive juggernaut that essentially lets you choose your own ending, Detroit: Become Human has a staggering number of possible storylines depending upon decisions made at crucial points. The action in this game comes from the quick-time events that present themselves throughout the game, forcing you to make snap judgments against a timer that will decide for you if you don't move quickly.
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Although buddy-cop duo Connor and Hank wield guns at various points (and Kara, too, if you go down a certain route in the early game stages), you will never have to point and shoot anyone yourself. This offers a new perspective to fans of tried and tested shooter games, allowing you to view the action as an omnipotent outsider rather than being put in the shoes of each character. It's emotional stuff for sure.
Not just another zombie game, The Forest pits you against hordes of cannibals who would like nothing better than to eviscerate you on sight and suck up the entrails. The variety of weapons is bizarre. Go classic with a bow and arrow, grab a severed arm to slap your foes silly, or light up a Molotov cocktail and rain some hellfire down on the bone-crunching mutants of this remote island you've been stranded on.
It is possible to gather the materials to assemble a gun, but honestly, you do not need one. Upgrading lower-level spears can triple their damage and effectiveness, so the crafting elements of The Forest prove that you don't need bullets when melee weapons can be even more aggressive.
If you've ever longed to step into the shoes of a Greek god, you've no doubt heard of God Of War. Journeying with Kratos and his son Atreus means that you've no need for puny mortal creations such as handguns and ammunition – especially when you have the might of Olympus at your side in the form of the most legendary weapons in the world.
From axes to bows to almighty swords, there is no shortage of brash weaponry in this installation of the popular game series alone. You'll wish you could don the wings of a Valkyrie yourself after you're through playing this one.
There is something delightfully primal about curb-stomping the undead, and that's one thing both Dying Light games appreciate. This game wrote the book on parkour mechanics in action games, allowing you to leap over hordes of zombies before smashing 'em up with whichever brutal makeshift weapon you've whipped up in the crafting menu.
Decapitate your foes with a razor-sharp machete, or pump them with enough electrical volts to fry them ten times over — the choice is yours in this open-world survival horror title, where gravity is no match for a well-placed pile of trash. Dying Light is another game where guns are optional should you find yourself in a pinch, but are entirely unnecessary for the most part.
Half human, half vampire hybrids rule the roost in BloodRayne, whether you're playing Terminal Cut or ReVamped. You do have the Carpathian Dragon Pistols, which siphon off some blood rather than using bullets, but your main ports of call will be Rayne's beloved blades, high kicks, and ability to feed off enemies to restore your health.
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The slick combat mechanics and satisfying spurts of blood make this one a joy for any fan of gore, with the blades moving so quickly and fluidly that you'll struggle to find a time when shooting your pistols actually crosses your mind.
Bullets mean naught in this dystopian iteration of Shibuya in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Visitors are here, and they're not going anywhere in a hurry. Instead of guns, you are armed with the ability to weave attacks through the air, inflicting enemies with varying types of damage types.
You can level up certain skills to give your powers a huge boost and gain more information about your surroundings, including abilities like Spectral Vision, Wire In, and Ether Shakedown. Although these combat mechanics take some time to master, there's no question that they offer a refreshing departure from the usual guns-blazing approach of action games.
Similar to other Souls games, Elden Ring is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it. However, this list isn't going to tackle the divisive nature of this particularly punishing melee action game — it's simply going to laud it for having some truly hench hand-to-hand combat mechanics. Whether going at it with a two-handed Greatsword or swiping at foes from atop your noble steed, Torrent, there are so many ways to approach battle in the expansive world of The Lands Between.
Choosing a character class at the beginning and making a note of their stats is only breaking the surface; you'll have to level up your skills with harvested Grace if you want to resemble anything close to an Elden Lord. With no rifle in sight, you'll be relying on swords and the magickal arts to defeat mystical foes and invading enemies. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you're a keen gamer who loves a sizable challenge, you've probably at least attempted Elden Ring already.
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