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Across the Spider-Verse gets a new trailer and we’ve all been embarassed by our PlayStation Wrap Ups.
Happy Tuesday, folks! It's been a pretty big day for Spider-Man fans of both the games and movies as today's roundup is very much Spidey focused. For example, we got out first proper trailer for Across the Spider-Verse and it includes a little nod to Insomniac's Spider-Man games.
We also got a hint for a potential release window for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, as well a whole heaping of embarassment as PlayStation's 2022 Wrap Up has revealed just how much time we've spent gaming this year. For all the details, just read on.
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I'm sure Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a very highly-anticipated movie for most of you reading and we finally got our best look yet thanks to a new trailer. Just as expected, it's chock full of little references to other forms of Spider-Man media, including a cheeky little nod to the recent PS4 games developed by Insomniac. At the 1 minute 25 second mark in the trailer, you can very briefly spot the Marvel's Spider-Man version of Spidey talking to another variant, given away by the Advanced Suit he's wearing.
For our second Spider-Man story of the day, we may have been given a potential release window for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by one of the game's writers. Jamie Mayer has written on her personal website that the title is slated for release in Fall 2023, hinting that the game may be eyeing up a release for the holidays and that we could see an official release date announcement in the not-too-distant future.
It's that time of the year again. The time we look at our PlayStation Wrap-Ups and wince at just how many hours we've spent fighting Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok or taking down Thunderjaws in Horizon Forbidden West. It's Elden Ring that's been featuring on plenty of PlayStation Wrap-Ups this year though, as The Lands Between has been eating up our lives much more than we care to admit. Only we did admit it because we couldn't resist sharing our Wrap-Ups.
The Witcher 3's current-gen update is almost here and reviews have been unsurprisingly flattering considering it's one of the best RPGs of all time but prettier. The PS5 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition is currently sitting at a mighty 97 on Metacritic, meaning Elden Ring is no longer the highest-rated open-world RPG on the market anymore. That could change if more reviews roll in, but Geralt is king of the castle as it stands.
From the highs of Metacritic to the lows now, as the site has shared the official list of the ten worst games to launch this year. Babylon's Fall is there, quite possibly the most high-profile title on the list, but it doesn't take top spot. That honor goes to Postal 4: No Regrets, which only managed a dismal rating of 30 on PC. If you're looking for a list of titles from 2022 to avoid or hate-play, Metacritic has you covered.
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