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Xbox hints at three upcoming Bethesda games being exclusive and Final Fantasy 14’s latest patch is just a couple of weeks away.
It's finally the weekend, and I have a bunch of gaming news to share with you as an early Christmas present. First up is the story that Microsoft has confirmed that three upcoming Bethesda titles will be exclusive to Xbox consoles, although its being coy about which ones.
Microsoft has also accused Sony of blocking certain titles from coming to Xbox, while Square Enix has confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy 14's Gods Revel, Lands Tremble update. For all the details on those stories and more, just read on.
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In the neverending argument over the ongoing Activision Blizzard acquistion, Microsoft has come out swinging yet again, this time in the direction of the FTC. In doing so, the company has revealed that it plans to make three upcoming Bethesda titles exclusive to Xbox consoles, although the names of the titles have been redacted from documents. We don't know for certain, but the three Bethesda titles that we know are currently in development at the moment are Arkane's Redfall, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI.
Microsoft didn't stop there either, as it also accused Sony of setting up Xbox "exclusion" agreements with third-party publishers to prevent titles from coming to Xbox consoles. Microsoft claims these agreements are preventing games such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Final Fantasy 16, and Bloodborne from launching on Xbox, the latter game being the strangest inclusion on that list considering the IP belongs to Sony.
Away from Microsoft now, as Final Fantasy 14 fans finally have a release date for the Gods Revel, Lands Tremble update. Launching on January 10, 2023, the update will bring with it a bunch of new main scenario quests involving Zero, a new Alliance Raid dungeon, and a whole lot more. This announcement was part of a livestream in which we also saw a strange image of Nophica wielding a scythe instead of a bow and arrow, as well as future UI options based on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
Hideo Kojima is a bit of an odd character at times, which is reflected in the games he makes. That's why it should come as no surprise to you that he also has some pretty strange plans for what he's going to do after he passes on. Instead of being buried or cremated, Kojima thinks that he'll become an AI and stick around," making games far after you and I have shuffled off this mortal coil.
A fun one to end on now, as it seemed like the Pokemon anime was going to clear up one of the show's biggest mysteries, only to let everyone down once again. We've never seen what Ash's dad looks like, and with the perpetual ten year old's retirement, many thought we'd finally get our first look. After being told his dad is waiting for him in a Pokemon Center, Ash rushes off but arrives five minutes too late, as his dad has scarpered off to who knows where yet again. He did leave Ash a new cap though, so I guess it's fine?
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