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Todd Howard has revealed more Starfield details and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s has shown off another Gym Leader.
Happy Wednesday, gamers! It might be the toughest day of the week, but thankfully there's plenty of exciting video game news to keep you going. For example, a new interview with Todd Howard has revealed some more details about Starfield as well as a first look at the game's dialogue system.
Other top stories today include Stripe's addition to the MultiVersus roster, while Nintendo has given us a new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer highlighting its Electric Gym Leader. For more details, simply read on.
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We'll start with the Starfield details, as we got a first look at the game's dialogue system in a new video interview with director Todd Howard. In the interview, Howard claims that Starfield will be going back to the "classic Bethesda-style dialogue," revealing that the game will over double the dialogue lines of Fallout 4. Howard also revealed that Starfield will be more of a "hard sci-fi" title but won't go too deep into the technical side of things, pointing to your ship's fuel system as an example.
Nintendo's drip feed of new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet information continues, as this time it's revealed yet another of the game's Gym Leaders. Iono is Scarlet & Violet's Electric Gym Leader who also seems to have a side job as a social media influencer. In her first broadcast, Iono asks her fans to guess what her partner Pokemon is, describing the creature as "squishy" and "sluggish" with an "easygoin’ vibe." There's certainly plenty of candidates out there, but we've put all of our bets on a Paldean Slugma variant.
MultiVersus finally has a new Assassin for players to try out, as Stripe has finally joined the game's roster. To celebrate, the game's developers released a detailed breakdown of Stripe's moveset, which includes gadgets such as buzzsaws, dynamite, and a toy gun. That's not all that was added to MultiVerse today either, as Stripe has brought with him the game's first seasonal event, as several Halloween skins for characters such as Iron Giant, Wonder Woman, and Superman are now available to purchase.
You won't find many great horror movie directors than John Carpenter, responsible for classic titles such as The Thing and the Halloween series. Turns out, Carpenter is actually quite a big fan of the Dead Space series, so much so that he even liked Dead Space 3. Putting aside his questionable taste in video games, Carpenter recently mentioned that he thinks Dead Space would make "a real great movie" and even said he'd be down to direct it.
Finally, we have an update on the sad passing of Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi who was found dead off the coast of Nago City in Okinawa in July earlier this year. It has now been determined exactly how Takahashi actually died, as it's been revealed that he died attempting to save three people who were stuck in a deadly riptide near a popular diving spot. While it's a tragedy that Takahashi passed away so early in his life, it's nice to know that he died a hero.
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