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And hear Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong in the latest Mario movie trailer.
Over the weekend, news broke that Japan and the Netherlands would be joining the USA in restricting exports of critical semiconductor manufacturing tools to China. The move reflects growing anxieties about China’s domestic chip production efforts (here’s a well-produced explainer), and is designed to cut it off from essential tools supplied by the likes of ASML in the Netherlands, and Nikon and Tokyo Electron in Japan.
If you’re counting down the days until the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie on April 7th, then the film has just received another trailer that you might want to check out. The focus this time is on Donkey Kong, played in the movie by noted Verge fan Seth Rogen. And yes, you get to hear Rogen deliver his iconic laugh.
For now, here’s a silly tweet to start your day:
This is URGENT. Stop what you’re doing this very second and look at this baby sea lion and listen to its little voice right now!!!

There’s a new model of Hummer being made in the same factory as the existing electric truck.
Some original content from Paramount Plus will air on Showtime as part of the change.
The big gaming expo may be a lot smaller this year.
Wololo with your contrololo.
The Last of Us’ third episode illustrates why breaking away from the source material can be exactly what a video game adaptation needs to do the original story justice.
The automaker will be issuing a software update to satisfy the NHTSA’s recall.
With these worlds in Horizon Worlds, you’ll be able to make curated communities for you and your friends in VR. They’re launching first in a limited alpha test.
TravelCenters of America is purchasing 1,000 Electrify America EV fast charging stations and plans to install them at 200 travel stops over the next five years.
You can also get $50 in credit when you reserve a new Galaxy Book and up to $100 in credit when you opt for both.
The problem’s been fixed, but a hacker could’ve potentially used it to strip an account’s extra protection.
Instagram Notes launched in December, and people immediately equated them to AIM away messages. This week, they’re coming to Europe and Japan.
It’s still pricey, but it could shore up Meta’s presence in the professional VR market.
This late 2020 laptop is aging well thanks to its speedy M1 chip and long-lasting battery life. In today’s mix of deals, we also have huge price cuts on refurbished LG C2 OLEDs at Woot.
Lawmakers are expected to grill the company over its potential risk to US national security.
CEO Carl Pei says Nothing is making the US its No. 1 priority with its next smartphone, the Phone 2.
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