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What’s New Today: The chief advisor to the French data protection authority’s penalty board suggested on Monday that Apple should be subject to a $6.3 million fine for violating privacy laws.
Fast-Track Insights: The Arbitrum network of Ethereum’s DeFi protocol suffered a $6.9 million loss over the weekend due to an issue that allowed a hacker to control a price oracle.
Musk and his supporters claim that since taking control, the company has suspended many more accounts for abusive content than it had previously, but the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a congressionally chartered non-profit, told The Post that it “has seen no noticeable changes on the reporting front compared to previous months.” Musk criticised Twitter for its purportedly insufficient kid safety measures as the business proceeded to publish internal emails and discussions, which according to Musk and others suggest the firm purposefully blocked conservative voices and stories.
According to a recommendation made on Monday by the chief adviser to the French data protection authority’s penalty board, Apple should be fined 6 million euros ($6.3 million) for violating privacy laws. Then, France Digitale argued that while iOS 14 asked iPhone owners if they were ready to allow installed mobile apps to gather a key identifier used to define campaign ads and send targeted ads, default settings allowed Apple to carry out its own targeted ad campaigns without explicitly requesting it.
The city’s security chief expressed “deep sadness” over Google’s refusal to modify its search results to show China’s national anthem instead of a protest song when users search for Hong Kong’s national anthem. A request for comment from Alphabet Inc., the parent firm of Google, went unanswered right away. The song “Glory to Hong Kong,” which was later outlawed, was believed by many protesters in the former British colony to be their national anthem and was written in 2019, while tensions between China and Hong Kong were rising.
Sam Bankman-Fried, a leading figure in the bitcoin industry, was detained by the Bahamas police at the request of the United States. In the wake of the FTX platform’s failure, which resulted in millions of investors losing their hard-earned money, the US is attempting to bring charges against him for wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, and similar conspiracies. The disgraced cryptocurrency mogul was due to speak under oath at a US Congress hearing on how his cryptocurrency exchange collapsed overnight.
The Lodestar Finance DeFi protocol, which is based on Ethereum’s Arbitrum network, lost $6.9 million over the weekend as a result of an issue that allowed a hacker to control a price oracle. The attack, according to the team’s announcement, was made feasible by the protocol’s price oracle being manipulated, which resulted in a “instantaneous change in the price.” In the end, the attacker was able to “borrow more than they should have been authorised,” which led to a profit for the individual or group who planned the operation.
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