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What’s New Today: Apple is planning to encrypt its cloud backup services in order to upgrade its security protections on devices. 
Fast-Track Insights: Binance US has announced that it will expand its ‘zero fee price model’ to Ethereum effective immediately.
Elon Musk criticizes San Francisco Mayor for conducting an investigation into Twitter offices for turning empty offices into bedrooms at the headquarters. Elon accuses the city of attacking companies providing bedrooms for tired and overworked employees. The investigation comes to light after Musk asked employees to commit to long working hours or leave. The Department of Building Inspection claimed that they are ensuring that the building is utilized for the purpose it is intended for.
Apple is upgrading its security protection on devices. It will add the ability to encrypt iCloud data backups for the first time alongside new safeguards for iMessage and account logins. The most significant new feature is the advanced data protection for iCloud that will end-to-end encrypt data that is stored in iCloud backups.
Microsoft might build a ‘super app’ that could include shopping, messaging, news, and web search services among others, quite similar to the ‘X’ app that will be launched by Elon Musk. Microsoft executives wanted the application to boost the company’s multi-billion dollar advertising business and Bing search. The attempt will also boost the number of users to Teams messaging and other mobile services.
A federal investigation is undergoing where prosecutors are analyzing whether or not the FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, manipulated the market in favor of prominent cryptocurrencies this past spring, eventually leading to their collapse and creating a domino effect that eventually caused the implosion of his own cryptocurrency exchange last month. Prosecutors are examining whether the FTX co-founder steered the wheels toward the interlinked cryptocurrencies TerraUSD and LUNA.
Binance US has announced that it will expand its ‘zero fee price model’ to Ethereum, effective immediately. Users will be able to freely trade four Ethereum spot market pairs. Effective immediately, the US exchange will also eliminate gas fees and all kinds of Ethereum transactions made through the ‘buy and sell’ feature on the website.
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