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What’s New Today: Twitter Will Increase Political Ads on Its Platform and Relax the Rules for Cause-Based Ads in An Effort to Boost Revenue.
Fast-Track Insights: Bitcoin Is Now a Magnet for Idiots, A Fool Detector, Says Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  He argues that Bitcoin’s goal of being a decentralised currency has not been attained.
A new AI HDMI box from Govee called the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit aims to provide a better viewing and gaming experience by recognising what is happening on-screen and generating real-time matching lighting effects to your preferred set of lights. There are a few comparable items on the market, but Govee asserts that the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit will solve issues like slow reactions and poor colour accuracy. Additionally, this is the first HDMI AI box to support up to 240Hz, which makes it perfect for games with a fast tempo.
As part of Elon Musk’s most recent policy reversal, Twitter will now allow more political adverts on its microblogging platform and will remove its restrictions on “cause-based” commercials in the US. The platform had various restrictions in place before this development, but it did permit cause-based advertising on its website. The three-year ban that had been imposed by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey will be lifted as a result of this easing of its long-standing stance against political advertisements on the site, which will herald their return “in the coming weeks.”
Elon Musk stated that the US government agencies had ordered the microblogging site to suspend more than 250,000 accounts in the most recent batch of revelations under the heading “Twitter Files.” A US government agency sought the suspension of 250k accounts, including journalists and Canadian politicians, Musk commented on a tweet by writer Matt Taibbi. The US Department of Homeland Security and the US Global Engagement Center purportedly requested the suspension of users’ Twitter accounts after compiling a large number of accounts that “displayed inorganic behaviour” and had accounts for “two or more” Chinese diplomats.
Billion-dollar FTX customer funds are allegedly being diverted to Alameda by Bankman-Fried in order to finance business venture investments, opulent real estate acquisitions, and political contributions. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Daniel Friedberg, the former head of FTX’s legal department, has assisted US prosecutors in their investigation into the collapse of the cryptocurrency firm, which puts more pressure on founder Sam Bankman-Fried, who was detained last month on suspicion of criminal fraud.
Taleb contends that Bitcoin’s goal of serving as both a decentralised currency and a store of value has not been accomplished. He also asserts that it is prone to inflation and helpless against unanticipated events. He also alluded to enterprises with little cash flow and no underlying financial soundness, describing it as a prevalent Ponzi-like attitude that was gaining ground in the computing industry.
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