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From VALORANT’s Give Back Bundle to supporting the Star Guardians in their quest to defeat evil, over the past year players have helped raise millions of dollars for the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Now we’re asking players to vote on how we allocate our grant funding to nonprofits around the world. 
Through your contributions, we’re able to allot over $6 million from the Riot Games Social Impact Fund to go to different charities. We’re asking you to vote for the charities tackling the causes most important to you.  
Working with our local offices and GlobalGiving, the Riot Games Social Impact Fund selected 84 nonprofits that we think are leading impactful and meaningful work in 28 regions. We’re allocating $6M, raised through various in-game fundraisers, to create a charity pool for each country based on their proportional participation in these campaigns. 
From December 12 through December 22, players can head over to this site to cast their votes.
Once you click through the first page, you’ll be greeted with three charities from the eligible region you are in or that is closest to where you are located. Then you can either vote on one of the nonprofits listed there or switch over to another eligible country where you want your vote to be counted. Each player can only vote once, so make it count!
At the end of the voting period, the organization with the most votes from each region will receive 50% of that region’s charity pool. The other two organizations will each receive 25%. We’ve guaranteed a minimum grant of USD 10,000 to each participating nonprofit. 
The full list of all participating regions and nonprofit organizations is listed at the bottom of this article.
Since some of Riot’s earliest days, players have donated tens of millions of dollars to causes you care about through charity skins, unique minigames, and plenty more. In 2019, we created the Riot Games Social Impact Fund to make direct investments in organizations pushing for a better future everywhere in the world. 
As we’ve changed from one game to many, the Social Impact Fund became a way to bring all of the money players donated to charity together in one place. It allows us to be more creative with the partners we work with, be more strategic with how we deploy funding, and scale up the impact we can have on causes that players care most about. 
Since it was created, the Social Impact Fund has donated to more than 400 organizations across 25 countries/regions and distributed over $23M in grants. If you want to learn more about how the Social Impact Fund operates, the pillars we focus on investing in, and the wide range of charities it has supported, check out our 2021 Social Impact Report.
So far in 2022, the Social Impact Fund helped facilitate $5.4 million in humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine and helped fund the creation of the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center which aims to empower the next generation of black and brown game developers, tech professionals, and esports players. 
Ultimately, the money we donate to charities comes from you all, the people who play our games. So it’s important to us that you also have a say in where that money goes. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in our charity events this year. We’re grateful to be a part of a community that speaks out about the causes they care about and pushes for the world to be a better place tomorrow than it is today. 
Fundación Integrar
Fundación TierraVida
Fondo de Mujeres del Sur
Foodbank Australia
Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation
Rainforest Rescue
Instituto Revoar
Think Olga
Vaga Lume
New Relationship Trust
Good To Be Good
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
América Solidaria
Fundación Semilla
SOLE Colombia
Asociación Cultural Femenina
Fundación Óyeme
Laurette Fugain
Solidarité Formation Médiation (SFM) Clichy
Safe Place
Gaming-Aid e.V.
Tafel Deutschland e.V.
Irida Women's Center
Sporos Regeneration Institute
Lesvos Solidarity
Mann Deshi Foundation
Teach For India
The Opentree Foundation
Saya Suka Membaca
Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi
Planet Indonesia
CoderDojo Foundation
Chayn Italia
L’abilità Associazione Onlus
Fondazione Soleterre
Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Civic Force
Academy Camp
Persatuan Harapan Mulia
The Borneo Project
Fugee: Liberty to Learn Berhad
Pronatura Noroeste A.C.
Pasitos Centro Psicopedagógico
Mano Vuelta A.C.
New Zealand
WAI Wānaka
Camino Verde
Enseña Perú
Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes
Young Focus
Haligi ng Bata, Inc.
Szlachetna Paczka
Wonder Foundation
South Korea
Korea Green Foundation
Korean Association for Safe Communities
Korea Science Service
Aldeas Infantiles SOS de España
Fundación Querer
Apadrina la Ciencia
Taiwan Region
Modern Women's Foundation
Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association
Bright Side Projects
Siam-Care Foundation
Pratthanadee Foundation
Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation
Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey
Buldan Eğitim ve Dayanışma Vakfı
Kadın Emeğini Değerlendirme Vakfı
United Kingdom
Drive Forward Foundation
Rosa Fund
United States
Take This
Raising a Reader
World Wildlife Fund
Kidspire Vietnam
LIN Center for Community Development
Rock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund


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