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By Nidhi Bhardwaj: On 6 December, Bloom Technology announced the launch of the first serverless online game, Kingdom under fire: War of Heroes (Gold Edition), which has attracted eyeballs on Twitter. KUF was developed using Locus Chain's Game Chain technology and released on Steam, a platform for playing, discussing, and creating games.

"Kingdom Under Fire World Wide" is the hotspot of hardcore fans of the #KingdomUnderFire franchise! Join the conversation in our Discord!: #RTS #RPG — Kingdom Under Fire World Wide (@KUFWW) March 31, 2020

The GameChain, according to Sang-Yoon Lee, CEO of Bloom Technology, "will find countless applications for game developers looking to go beyond what other blockchain networks can offer today in terms of transaction cost and scalability potential,” noted the press release.

The blockchain network of Locus Chain would replace the online game server, as this would save the additional server cost, said the press release. The current Locus chain model would allow players to play at any time and in any location without the need for a publisher or developer.
Bloom technology is the same owner of the Trajectory Chain Network Foundation. Game Kingdom Under Fire. It will be the first game to run on the trajectory chain.#Locuschain — BobbyMusaaa (@EmperoBee) August 6, 2022

The report further stated, Bloom Technology intends to launch several games using Locus Chain's Gamechain as it will be recognised as the first truly decentralised public blockchain, paving the way for expansion into many other industries, experts mentioned. The majority of Locus Chain's developers are high-tech researchers and game developers.
Having KUF under Locus Chain would expand the scope of the decentralised game ecosystem with a plethora of new unique businesses expected to emerge in the future.
So I haven’t really mentioned this but I am a big fan of Kingdom Under Fire. Now seems as good a time as any to point out that Regnier is basically the child of Mordekaiser and Aatrox. Bonus mention to Leinhart, whom I see as Vlad if he were an sadly incompetent vampire simp. — Tactical Aatrox, Esquire. (@aatroxesq) December 10, 2021

"Rolling out GameChain is a critical achievement as we progress toward releasing the Locus Chain's method," said Sang-Yoon Lee, CEO of Bloom Technology. “I am pleased that the new version of Kingdom Under Fire will be available as an online game that will make commercial use of new technology,” Lee mentioned in a release.

Kingdom Under Fire was released in the winter of 2000 as the first RTS game to have made the highest package sales record in Korea. Moreover, it’s even appreciated for being the only competitor to the RTS game, StarCraft.The first version of the game was released in over 30 countries worldwide and sold over 500,000 copies. Locus Chain has taken the place of, allowing users to play games online without the need for a server.

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