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Microsoft announces the new Xbox Game Pass games for October 2022, which includes four day one releases.
Microsoft has finally announced the new Xbox Game Pass games that are coming in the first half of October 2022, consisting of nine games total and four day one releases. One of the new Xbox Game Pass games for October 2022 is available as of today, while the rest will be made available throughout the next couple of weeks.
Starting today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are free to play Chivalry 2 across the cloud, consoles, and PC. Chivalry 2, for the uninitiated, is a PvP-focused medieval combat game that earned mostly positive reviews when it first launched last year. Its addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup should give its player count on Xbox a decent boost.
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Later this week, on October 6, another medieval-themed game is coming to Xbox Game Pass, this time in the form of Medieval Dynasty. Interestingly, Medieval Dynasty is only going to be available for Xbox Series X owners on Game Pass. That same day, those on PC Game Pass will be able to play The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season as well as The Walking Dead: Season Two. Telltale's Walking Dead games are readily available on console Game Pass already, but now PC gamers can check them out as well.
On October 11, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have two more games to look forward to, including the first day one release of the month. The 12-year-old Halloween-themed RPG Costume Quest from Double Fine will be added to the Game Pass lineup that day, joined by day one release Eville, which is coming to consoles and PC. Eville is a multiplayer social deduction game, ala Among Us, and so fans of those kinds of games should give it a shot.
PC Game Pass subscribers get their own day one game on October 13, while first-person horror game Scorn is coming to Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series X on October 14. And finally, A Plague Tale: Requiem is joining the Game Pass lineup for cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X on October 18.
And while they weren't a part of the new Game Pass games for October 2022 reveal, previous announcements have let fans know of an additional four games that they can look forward to in October 2022. On October 20, Norco is coming to console Game Pass, and October 21 will see the addition of Persona 5 Royal. Finally, Gunfire Reborn and Signalis will join Game Pass on October 27, so subscribers should have plenty to look forward to this month.
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