Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get Disappointing News to End 2022 –

By Logan Moore
Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been met with some disappointing news to close out 2022. Each and every month, Microsoft tends to add new titles to its existing library on Xbox Game Pass in two different waves. The first wave of games often rolls out in the first half of the month with the second half arriving in the final days of the roughly 30-day period. And while Xbox Game Pass subscribers have gotten used to this cadence of expecting new games, it doesn’t seem like December 2022 will be following this same pattern. 
Rather than featuring two waves of additions to Xbox Game Pass in December, it seems that Microsoft is instead only bringing one group of new additions to the platform. Although this might be expected to some degree given that the back half of December is filled with numerous holidays, Microsoft actually ended up featuring two waves of new games in December 2021. As such, it’s a bit unexpected to see only one group of games become available on Game Pass within the month. 
The only saving grace about this situation is that Xbox Game Pass actually closed out 2022 on an incredibly strong note. With releases like High On Life, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and Hello Neighbor 2, December 2022 ended up being one of the strongest months on the service all year. In fact, High On Life, in particular, went on to become a smash hit for Xbox Game Pass and had the best launch for a third-party game that has ever been seen on the Microsoft gaming platform. So despite getting fewer games in December 2022 than we might have expected at the start of the month, it’s still hard to be mad with how the year wrapped up for Game Pass. 
Are you saddened to see that we aren’t getting any Xbox Game Pass games to close out the year? And what new titles are you hoping to see join the service in 2023? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12
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