Xbox Game Pass Users Upset Over Change to New Games –

By Tyler Fischer
Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers across PC and console are upset with a sudden new change to the subscription service. The change is fairly minor and there’s no indication it’s a permanent one, but it’s caught the ire of some subscribers who, since the launch of the subscription service, have had little to complain about. What’s the problem? Well, Xbox has stopped communicating about new games. There’s been a couple of games added so far this year, but they’ve been stealth drops. Typically, Xbox makes an Xbox Game Pass announcement every two weeks, revealing new games coming to the subscription service that month each time. For the last several weeks, this has stopped. Many are assuming this is because of the holiday season, but while this is a reasonable conclusion it’s not a definitive, official conclusion.
The complaints and criticism have become so frequent that the mods of the Xbox Game Pass Reddit page have started to remove posts about the situation. According to most of these posts, the issue isn’t the lack of new games, but the lack of communication.
“I don’t personally care about the game drops because I have plenty of s*** to play, but when a service has worked the exact same way since its inception and starts to change that out of nowhere, with no communication, I think there’s a right for people to be wary,” says one Redditor of the situation. “This is two missed drops now, for the first time since its inception. There are still just as many games leaving the service, but not nearly as many being added at the moment. So, I think it’s fair for people to be irked when you’re paying for it.”
“I agree with most here, it’s not necessarily the fact that no games came out for the last two weeks of December,” adds another Redditor. “It’s more annoying that there’s been zero communication, it’s a staple of Game Pass that two announcements are made every month, and for them to suddenly stop doing so, of course, people are going to be asking questions.”
Again, it’s quite possible this change is purely the product of the holiday season. However, if this is the case, it’s not been communicated. Xbox hasn’t said anything about the matter beyond this one, teasing tweet. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think.
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